Diamond Segment in Huisen Segment

In the Huisen head is a special diamond head. As a main part of the diamond saw blade, this type of product in Huisen segment is made of diamond and matrix binder. As a very hard material, diamond can play the role of cutting edge, while matrix binder can play the role of fixing diamond. It is composed of metal elemental powder or metal alloy powder, and the composition of these two kinds of material according to different manufacturers are different, according to different use formula with diamond will be different, then in the Huisen head diamond head in the head process is how to choose?

When producing Huisen cutter head, it is necessary to select the diamond particle size first when the diamond particle size is rough and guaranteed to be a single particle size. At this time, Huisen cutter head is very sharp and the sawing efficiency will be improved. However, the bending strength of diamond agglomerates will also decrease. When the diamond particle size is fine or coarse and fine are mixed, the durability of Huisen cutter head will be improved at this time, but the efficiency will also be reduced, the combination of these factors in the production process of general manufacturers tend to choose 60 or 50 purposes.

The diamond strength of Huisen segment is within a certain range. When the concentration of diamond in Huisen segment is from low to high, the sharpness and efficiency of stone saw blade will gradually decrease, and the service life will gradually extend. However, if the particle size is too high, the blunt segment will become blunt. At this time, we can use low concentration coarse particle size and the efficiency will be improved.

In the process of using different functions of each part of Huisen cutter head in the cutting tool process, diamond with different concentrations can be used to distribute the saw blade. In the process of working, Huisen cutter head often forms a middle groove, which is beneficial to prevent the saw blade plate and improve the processing quality of stone.

The strength of the diamond of Huisen cutter head is a very important index to ensure the cutting performance of Huisen cutter head. Too strong strength will make the crystal not easy to be broken. If it is polished in the process of use, the sharpness of the cutter head will also decrease, resulting in deterioration of the tool performance. However, when its strength is not enough, it will be easy to break after being impacted and cannot bear the loss, so you can choose the strength of 130 cattle to 140 cattle diamond strength.

The performance of the saw blade does not depend solely on the diamond, but rather on the overall performance of the composite material consisting of the diamond and the binder in a proper fit. For soft stone such as marble, the mechanical properties of the cutter head are relatively low, and copper-based adhesives can be used. However, the copper-based binder has low sintering temperature, low strength and hardness, high toughness, and low bonding strength with diamond.

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Diamond Segment in Huisen Segment

In the Huisen head is a special diamond head. As a part of the main body of the diamond saw blade, this type of product in Huisen head is made of diamond and matrix binder. As a very hard material, diamond can play the role of cutting edge.

Production Process of Huisen Cutter Head

In the production of Huisen cutter head, the selection of raw materials for the embryo body of Huisen cutter head and the corresponding hot pressing process are quite key steps in the production process. Among them, bronze-based alloy system and the like are selected as the raw materials of ligands. However, the manufacturing cost and use function of the manufacturer cannot achieve the best of both worlds. After horizontal analysis, people have proposed materials made of various alloys as raw materials for the embryo body, after many attempts and applications, we have achieved a more ideal method of cost and function.