Present Situation of Marble Wire Saw in Stone Industry

Marble rope saws have been used in stone mining abroad for more than 30 years. In the early days, marble wire saws were used only to cut soft stones. The wire saw mining technology of marble mines in the world has been very mature. For granite and other hard stone, through the long-term unremitting efforts of wire saw, bead rope production enterprises and mining enterprises, the technology of mining granite with marble rope saw is becoming more and more mature. The quality of products is getting higher and higher, and the cost is getting lower and lower, which has become a world trend.

Marble rope saw mining granite has the following advantages:

1. Wide adaptability. Marble rope saws are suitable for all types of mines, while flame cutting is only suitable for granite mines with high quartz content and few cracks.

2. Strong function and high efficiency. First, the mining depth is deeper, which can reach 10~20m or even deeper, and the flame cutting is generally within 10m; secondly, the cutting speed is fast, generally 3~4 m2/h, which is 2~3 times that of flame cutting.

3. The marble rope saw can be cut vertically, horizontally and obliquely, and can also be cut blindly. The flame cutting can only be cut vertically.

4, high output, low comprehensive cost. First of all, the cutting surface of the rope saw is very flat and will not cause any internal damage to the pulley. Secondly, the gap between the saw blade is small, only about 11mm, which will not cause waste of resources. The cutting surface of flame cutting is rough and uneven, causing certain internal injuries to the block. The saw seam is large, generally 100~300mm, resulting in large waste of resources and high mining cost.

5, safety and environmental protection, wire saw mining no noise, no dust, no impact on nearby residents and other working faces, high degree of automation, separate control, low labor intensity, high safety; flame cutting noise and dust is very large, seriously affecting nearby residents and other workers, workers labor intensity is high, low safety.

Factors restricting the production and application of marble wire saws. Although the application of diamond wire saw in mining has incomparable advantages over traditional mining methods, there are a series of technical difficulties in the application of marble wire saw in actual production, such as high sawing efficiency, long service life, low price and high reliability. The marble wire saw is a fragile and fragile system.

At present, the production of marble wire saw has not been mastered by many diamond tool manufacturers. On the one hand, the production of marble wire saws is much more complicated than that of ordinary circular saw blades. On the other hand, to produce a wire saw suitable for sawing natural stone requires close cooperation between the marble wire saw manufacturer and the user. There are many factors that affect the sawing life of the marble wire saw, such as the cutting life of the bead, the cutting speed of the bead, the distance between the bead and the wire saw, the mold design, and the life of the wire rope under normal working conditions.

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