Take you to understand the main use of mine rope saw?

Speaking of mine rope saws, there is no need to explain too much to know what it does. This kind of professional mining rope saw must be used in the mine. With it, it will be more convenient to cut and dismantle tools. The method of use is also very flexible. Next, the small series will introduce the main application of the mine rope saw in detail for everyone. If you want to know, let's learn about it.

Mine wire saw is a very common equipment in the field of mining, without which a lot of work can not be carried out. So the role of the mine rope saw is still quite large. In short, the mine rope saw is a product used in the field of stone processing machinery. It is also a new type of mine rope saw designed in recent years. Because a large number of stones need to be used in re-construction projects, these stones can only be put on the market after landscape cutting, polishing and other processing procedures.

Therefore, for the processing of stone, it is necessary to use special processing machinery, especially large stone cutting machine. The stone needs to be mined from the mine, and then the mining stone is generally used in the way of "blasting flame cutting". This way will have defects such as small adaptability, low efficiency, high cost, high noise and dust in the process of re-mining. At this time, with the mine rope saw, these problems can be solved. So the role it plays is considerable.

Poyang County Huisen Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. products such as: marble wire saw, diamond wire saw, steel mixed rope saw, mine wire saw, Huisen cutter head, Huisen rope saw, mine cutter head, marble cutter head, diamond tool, combination cutter head, etc. Li Tianshun, chairman of the company, graduated from Jiangxi Poyang Normal School in 1988.

Shunda Tool Factory was founded in 2003 and operated in Yonghe Town, Jinjiang City, Fujian Province until May 2010. In the future journey of Poyang County Huisen Diamond Tools Co., Ltd., all colleagues of the company are confident, set goals, work together, work hard, and work hard. They vowed to build Huisen into a standardized enterprise, strive for Huisen, win honor for their hometown, and make a modest contribution to the country.

If your industry needs mine rope saws, you should go to a regular manufacturer to purchase mine rope saws, especially if you can't choose mine rope saws with poor quality for cheap, because once there is a problem, it is a big problem, so you have to pass the test in terms of quality.

The above content is about the main application of mine rope saw. I think everyone understands this explanation. We will introduce other knowledge points about mine rope saw to you later. About everyone to watch at any time, but as long as more attention to our website can see more wonderful content. I hope this information can help those in need.

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Huisen rope saw is a cutting equipment driven by a hydraulic power unit, which can cut thick concrete. Is the demolition, maintenance, basement, chimney, column cutting suitable cutting construction equipment.

What are the construction requirements of Huisen rope saw

Huisen rope saw is a cutting and disassembly tool for thick concrete, irregular concrete steel bars, mines, blocks, curved plates, large slabs, bridges and roads. Easy to install, flexible to use, horizontal cutting, vertical cutting. The following can understand the composition of Huisen rope saw equipment structure.

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The steel-mixed rope saw is a cutting and demolition tool for mining, wasteland, Hu ban, large slab stone, thick concrete, irregular concrete steel bars, bridges and roads, etc. Easy to install, flexible use method, can be horizontal shear, vertical shear. The following is the composition of the equipment structure and the differentiated types of wire saws. The composition of the rope saw, rope saw drive, flywheel, guide wheel, rope saw chain (made of diamond material).

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According to actual needs and uses, steel-mixed rope saws on the market can be divided into concrete cutting rope saws, granite, mining rope saws, granite wasteland forming rope saws, granite special-shaped processing saws, marble mining rope saws, marble mineral forming rope Saws, marble special-shaped processing rope saws and other 7 categories.

Diamond Segment in Huisen Segment

In the Huisen head is a special diamond head. As a part of the main body of the diamond saw blade, this type of product in Huisen head is made of diamond and matrix binder. As a very hard material, diamond can play the role of cutting edge.

Production Process of Huisen Cutter Head

In the production of Huisen cutter head, the selection of raw materials for the embryo body of Huisen cutter head and the corresponding hot pressing process are quite key steps in the production process. Among them, bronze-based alloy system and the like are selected as the raw materials of ligands. However, the manufacturing cost and use function of the manufacturer cannot achieve the best of both worlds. After horizontal analysis, people have proposed materials made of various alloys as raw materials for the embryo body, after many attempts and applications, we have achieved a more ideal method of cost and function.