What are the diamond tools included?

In recent years, with the use of diamond tools more and more widely, its development is moreQuickly, today let's recall what diamond tools exist around us!

Diamond tools are products with a certain shape, performance and use made of diamond grain size sand and micropowder as cutting materials, with the aid of binder or other auxiliary materials.

Diamond tools include by use:

(1) Abrasives include consolidated abrasives, coated abrasives and loose abrasives, such as grinding wheels, sand tiles, grindstones, grinding heads, abrasive belts, abrasive pastes, etc.

(2) sawing tools are divided into two categories: one is sawing granite, marble, concrete with circular data, band saws, row saws, rope saws, etc.; the other is cutting metal and semiconductor materials, the inner circle of the cutting piece and the outer circle of the cutting piece.
(3) Drilling tools include drilling bits and reamers for exploration and development in geology, petroleum, coal, metallurgy and other departments, as well as construction drills.

(4) cutting tools with polycrystalline diamond composite sheet or natural single crystal made of turning tool, boring cutter, milling cutter, used to finish the automobile, aircraft, precision machinery on the non-ferrous metal parts and plastic, ceramic and other non-metallic materials.

(5) Dressing tool forming dressing roller, dressing pen and dressing block.

(6)wire drawing dieDiamondPolycrystalline made of wire drawing die, drawing wire, filament, mesh wire and other metal filaments.
(7) other tools scribing knife, glass knife, carving knife, nesting knife,assorted fileGauge probe,Bearing, needle, DiamondScalpel, wait.
(8) Special instrument componentshardness testerPressure head,surface roughness meterMeasuring head, high-pressure chamber anvil, internal combustion engineNozzle, high power three Tube, infrared window, microwave,Laser, large scaleintegrated circuitinDiamondHeat dissipation element, ResistanceThermometerWait.
According to the manufacturing process:
1. Welding:
Laser welding products can be dry cut when used (I. e. without water operation).
High frequency welding products, only wet cutting (water operation).
2. Sintering:
Cold pressure, currently more than 80% domesticDiamondThe tools are all manufactured by the cold pressing method.
Hot pressing, side sintering side pressure, the knife head density is high, cutting performance is higher than cold pressing products.

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What are the characteristics of Huisen rope saw

Huisen rope saw is a cutting equipment driven by a hydraulic power unit, which can cut thick concrete. Is the demolition, maintenance, basement, chimney, column cutting suitable cutting construction equipment.

What are the construction requirements of Huisen rope saw

Huisen rope saw is a cutting and disassembly tool for thick concrete, irregular concrete steel bars, mines, blocks, curved plates, large slabs, bridges and roads. Easy to install, flexible to use, horizontal cutting, vertical cutting. The following can understand the composition of Huisen rope saw equipment structure.

What is the construction point of steel mixed rope saw?

The steel-mixed rope saw is a cutting and demolition tool for mining, wasteland, Hu ban, large slab stone, thick concrete, irregular concrete steel bars, bridges and roads, etc. Easy to install, flexible use method, can be horizontal shear, vertical shear. The following is the composition of the equipment structure and the differentiated types of wire saws. The composition of the rope saw, rope saw drive, flywheel, guide wheel, rope saw chain (made of diamond material).

Discussion on the Use and Characteristics of Steel-mixed Rope Saw

According to actual needs and uses, steel-mixed rope saws on the market can be divided into concrete cutting rope saws, granite, mining rope saws, granite wasteland forming rope saws, granite special-shaped processing saws, marble mining rope saws, marble mineral forming rope Saws, marble special-shaped processing rope saws and other 7 categories.

Diamond Segment in Huisen Segment

In the Huisen head is a special diamond head. As a part of the main body of the diamond saw blade, this type of product in Huisen head is made of diamond and matrix binder. As a very hard material, diamond can play the role of cutting edge.

Production Process of Huisen Cutter Head

In the production of Huisen cutter head, the selection of raw materials for the embryo body of Huisen cutter head and the corresponding hot pressing process are quite key steps in the production process. Among them, bronze-based alloy system and the like are selected as the raw materials of ligands. However, the manufacturing cost and use function of the manufacturer cannot achieve the best of both worlds. After horizontal analysis, people have proposed materials made of various alloys as raw materials for the embryo body, after many attempts and applications, we have achieved a more ideal method of cost and function.