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Domestic processing industry demand for diamond tools is increasing year by year
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Domestic processing industry demand for diamond tools is increasing year by year

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China's hardware tools are widely used in geological exploration, stone, machinery, automotive and defense industries. In the manufacturing process of various abrasive tools, drill bits and stone sawing tools, the level of serialization and standardization has been gradually improved. The product specifications are complete and the product quality is stable. Some products have certain certainty in the international market. Competitiveness. However, although various diamond tools produced in China have been widely used in various industries and have achieved remarkable economic benefits, there is still a certain gap between their technical level and similar foreign products, and the development of hardware tools industry is vigorously pursued. The development of products and new processes will accelerate the development of China's hardware and tool industry and improve economic efficiency and overall technical level. In order to meet the needs of the domestic and international tool market, we must accelerate the development of new products, improve product quality, increase varieties, and increase production. In recent years, the demand for diamond tools in the processing of machinery, gemstones, medical equipment, wood, glass steel, stone crafts, ceramics and composite non-metallic hard and brittle materials has increased year by year. At present, these products are still dependent on imports, so they must be as soon as possible. Developed a wide range of high quality tools to replace imports. At present, the products to be developed include: PDC drill bit for petroleum drilling, diamond grinding block for stone polishing, engineering thin wall drill bit, diamond honing stone, diamond film coating tool, diamond roller, rubber bond diamond plastic tool, PCD diamond tool , diamond needles, nozzles, diamond heat sinks and triodes and other products. In order to ensure the quality of its products, it is necessary to speed up the promotion of new technologies and new processes, such as vacuum welding technology, EDM technology, diamond uniform technology, diamond rhodium plating technology, metallization bonding technology, laser welding technology.