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What are the characteristics of diamond?


Diamond glows blue and green under X-ray irradiation. Diamonds are produced only in kimberley barrels. Kimberlite is the rock of the original place where the diamonds were transported by rivers, glaciers, etc. Diamonds are usually granular. If the diamond when heated to 1000 ℃, it will slowly into graphite. In 1977, a villager from changlin village, linshushan county, shandong province, found China's largest diamond (about the size of egg yolk, right) in the field. The world's largest industrial diamond and gem-grade diamond are both produced in Brazil and both contain more than 3,100 carats (1 carat =200 mg). The size of gem-grade diamond is 10 x 6.5 x 5 cm and is called "kulinan". In the 1950s, artificial diamonds were successfully produced in the United States from graphite at high temperature and pressure. Nowadays, artificial diamond has been widely used in production and life, but it is difficult to make large diamond.


Can diamonds be melted?


You can't do it under normal pressure. When heated in isolation of oxygen, about 1500 degrees or so will begin to go graphitized and convert to graphite before melting. The melting point of diamond given in some data is obtained under high pressure. For example, pressure to 12.4GPa (120,000 bar), diamonds melt at 4440 degrees.